The EPU-Series embossed doors are designed to provide security and durability for today’s demanding residential and commercial
markets. The foam-in-place Polyurethane core provides total surface support and an exceptionally flat surface, high impact resistance
and outstanding thermal resistance. It provides a high level of compression and shear strength, which is further enhanced by
bonding with facing materials. It offers the lowest “U” value and the highest R-Factor (a measure of insulating performance / thermal
resistance, and measure of ability to retard heat flow) of all the cores.
As described by HMMA / NAAMM – USA (National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers-United States of America):
“Urethane core doors possess superior insulating properties (R- factor of 11.1) and are suitable for exterior openings in
cold climates”.
The EPU-Series embossed doors will provide you with THE BEAUTY OF WOOD….BUT DURABILITY OF STEEL!
  • Foam-In-Place polyurethane thermal insulation core, having a thickness of 43 mm and a nominal density of 47 Kg/m3 (DIN 53420).
  • Thermal Conductance (43 mm): U = 0.078 Btu/hr.ft2.ºF. (ASTM C177).
  • Thermal Resistance: R-Factor = 12.80 hr.ft2.ºF/Btu. (ASTM C518-63T).
  • Polyurethane is a thermo-setting material, which when subjected to heat, merely slowly chars without melting or producing flaming droplets (BRUFMA/ID/2/2001).
  • Seamless design.
  • Available in wood grain texture or plain stamped.
  • Beveled or flush welded glass beads.
  • Alkyd, polyurethane or epoxy RAL paint finish (factory applied).
  • vision panels, transoms and sidelights.


  • Construction of the EPU doors meets the requirements of ANSI A250.8-2003 (SDI 100) and ANSI 151.1.
  • Fire Rating: Up to 3 hrs for single leaf and double leaf swing doors, listed and labeled by Intertek-Warnock Hersey according to UL 10C, UL 10B, UBC 7-2-1994/1997, NFPA 252-1995, ASTM E152-81a, and CAN4-S104 (ULC S104).