The SL-Series of sliding, automatic closing door assemblies, are available as horizontally sliding, top hung, single or multi-panel,
and single or bi-parting leaves. They are supplied with track and roller assembly, including all necessary accessories required
for smooth operation. Fire rated sliding doors have a suitable mechanism that is self-activated in case of fire.
Doors are available as electrically powered or manual, with fire rating of 3/4, 1 1/2, 3 or 4 hours. Construction can be
designed optionally with wind load ratings up to 20 PSF (98 kg/m2) and maximum deflection of 1/20 of span.
Fire doors are available as UL labeled up to 3960 mm wide by 3300 mm high (Oversize UL Label up to 7920 mm wide by
4125 mm high). Applications for Labeled fire doors include warehouses, fire stations, parking facilities, mass transit, convention
centers, theaters, hotels, manufacturing facilities and other buildings that require effective fire protection doors.
Configurations include single slide, bi-parting and teleslide (multiple panels).
  • Spaces between stiffeners are insulated with Fiberglass to the full height of the door.
  • Standard infill thickness 50 mm of nominal density 24 Kg/m3.
  • Thermal Resistance: R-Factor = 8.11 hr.ft2. ºF/Btu (ASTM C518-63T).
  • Combustibility: None / IMO Resolution-ASTME 136-82, BS 476 part 4, ISO R1182.
  • Alkyd or polyurethane RAL color paint finish (factory applied).
  • May be face wall or cavity mounted.
  • Available with a Wicket door.
  • Rock wool core infill.
  • Available is security or blast resistant construction (refer to BLR-Series).


  • Construction is in accordance with NFPA - 80 standards.
  • Fire Rating: Up to and including 4 hrs for single leaf and double leaf center opening doors, listed and labeled by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. according to UL 10B, NFPA 252-1995, CAN4-S-104 and ULC.
  • Allowable sizes for fire rated doors up to 3960 mm wide by 3300 mm high. Oversize certificate is available for door sizes up to 7920 mm wide and 4125 mm high.
  • Available in “High Security” construction for both, flush and grilled models, manually or electrically operated.