The WD-Series consists of a wide range of quality timber doors and frames offered in varying formats and configurations, both
fire and non fire resistant. They are offered in various finishes including plain, plywood, MDF, natural wood veneered, or high
pressure plastic laminate (HPL) facing and can be supplied with a range of options as louvers, vision panels, over panels, and
sidelights, having solid wood, steel or stainless steel frames.
  • “Halspan - UK” tri-layered particleboard high performance door blank of monolithic construction, produced on one of the world’s most advanced CPS systems.
  • Nominal density of 630 kg/m3 +/- 10%.
  • 44 mm thick core for FR 30, 54 mm for FR 60 and 64 mm for FR 90.
  • 30 minutes, 60 minutes & 90 minutes Fire Resistance: Halspan is pre-tested to British Standard BS476: Part 22: 1987 (ISO 834). This includes single leaf doors, pairs and double acting fire door configurations in flush and paneled doors.
  • Holder of Q-Mark, “Product Certification Fire Scheme”, operated by BM-TRADA / Quality certification For Fire Doors.
  • Holder of UKAS – UK product certification.
  • Made of solid wood with minimum density of 530 kg/m3 for leaf sizes up to 2100 x 900 mm, or 640 kg/m3 for larger dimensions. For FR 90 doors, frame minimum density is 650 kg/m3.
  • Available in various wood species as mahogany, beech, oak, cherry, or maple.
  • Standard size 120 x 45 mm.
Surface finish of “Halspan” core has a resistance rating of 3 when tested to BS 3962: Parts 5 & 6, BS EN 12720, BS EN 12721 and BS EN 12722. Above tests cover resistance to cold oils and fats, mechanical damage, cold liquids, wet heat and dry heat.