• GL-WHI Series is Fire rated up to 3/4 hour for use with 6 mm fire rated wired glass and 1 hour for use with 5 to 6 mm fire rated clear glass as tested to ASTM E-163, UL 9, CAN 4-S104, NFPA 257 and UBC 7-4 Fire Window test standards.
  • Labeled frames are available in 1.5 mm (GA 16) and 2.0 mm (GA 14) steel sheet thickness.
  • For use in steel/wood stud, drywall or masonry openings. Each jamb should be provided with a sill anchor and a jamb anchor for each 30” (762 mm) of height or fraction thereof. An intermediate base anchor is required for frames over 4’(1220 mm) wide.
  • Maximum overall frame size: 2134 x 3000 mm in height.
  • Frame depth 120 mm minimum and 323 mm maximum.
  • Maximum exposed glass Area: 1296 in2 (8361 cm2) with a maximum width of 36” (914 mm) and a maximum height of 54” (1371 mm).
  • A stop height of 16 mm is required for a maximum glass area of 500 in2 (3225 cm2) and 19 mm for over an above up till 1296 in2 (8361 cm2).