Roots Group Pressed Steel framing systems, are manufactured and supplied in compliance with ANSI A250.8.2003 /SDI-100
requirements. SRF-Series frames can be installed in both interior and exterior locations and in specific for areas of maximum
usage. They are designed for heavy duty and extra heavy duty applications in commercial and institutional buildings. This category
includes frames based on ANSI-A155.1/UL-63 and covers sidelight/transom assemblies.
Developments of all frame details are designed confirming to ANSI/SDI 250.7 and SDI-111.
According to SDI 108-99 (refer to “Selection Guide” page 8), SFR-Series steel frames are designed for standard duty up to maximum duty applications in both commercial and institutional buildings depending on the steel sheet thickness.
  • Available in 11 (3.0 mm), 12 (2.5 mm), 14 (2.0 mm), 16 (1.5 mm), and 18 (1.2 mm) gauge steel sheets, for installation in 3 hour fire rated locations (4 hours as tested to BS476 part 22) in steel stud, drywall or masonry openings.
  • Available in commercial quality cold rolled steel / ASTM 366, or galvanized steel / ASTM A653 - A526.
  • Available in Stainless Steel material. Please refer to SS-Series.

All frames are supplied with factory applied baked-on rust inhibiting epoxy primer in accordance with ANSI A250.10. and ANSI A224.1, ready for field applied finished paints. Also available in alkyd, polyurethane or epoxy RAL paint finish (factory applied).


  • Construction of the SFR-Series frames meets the requirements of ANSI A250.8-2003 (SDI 100).
  • Fire Rating: : Up to 3 hrs for single leaf and double leaf swing doors. Tested, listed and labeled by Warnock Hersey International Inc.- ITS according to UL 10C, UL 10B, UBC 7-2-1994/1997, NFPA 252-1995, ASTM E152-81a, CAN4-1980, BS 476 Part 20 and ISO 3008, for installations requiring compliance to both negative pressure testing standards (ASTME152/UL 10B) and positive pressure testing standards (UBC 7-2 , UL 10C and BS476). Up to 4 hours as tested by CHILTERN International Fire – UK, according to BS476 part 22.
  • Hardware preparations and reinforcements are in accordance with ANSI A250.6-1997. Locations are in accordance with ANSI/DHI A115 and BS standards.